Family Violence

The definition of family violence (or domestic violence) is very broad, and includes physical violence, but also includes violence that is verbal, emotional and/or financial, for example.

Wheeler Family Law assists clients dealing with all types of family violence and domestic violence, ensuring that you and your children are best protected, as well as reducing the risk of ongoing family violence.

Wheeler Family Law has expertise and experience in family violence intervention orders, as well as in helping people deal with the effects of family violence in circumstances where there will be ongoing parenting arrangements in place.

Andrew Wheeler, the Principal of Wheeler Family Law, is a solicitor-advocate, doing appearance work at Court. As such, where an application needs to be made for an intervention order in order to protect you from ongoing domestic violence, Wheeler Family Law will save you the added expense of engaging a barrister for most stages of your intervention order matter.

Call now for a confidential consultation to get helpful advice on how you can best deal with a situation of domestic violence.

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