Wheeler Family Law can assist with all aspects of dealing with a separation, whether you are in the early stages and just wanting some helpful advice to enable you to make a decision, or whether you have settled your property matters and are just wanting to make it binding, or even just wanting to get “the divorce” finalised.

You can only apply for a divorce once you have been separated for a period of at least twelve months, although this can include a period of separation whilst still living under the one roof. However, you can (and usually should) sort out your parenting and property matters as soon as possible after separation.

Furthermore, it is often best to leave “the divorce” until after you have settled your property matters, as getting a divorce will trigger a time limit of twelve months in which you can apply to the Court for a property settlement (without needing to seek special permission from the Court, which is only granted in a limited set of circumstances). Also, the only thing you cannot do without a divorce is remarry.

Wheeler Family Law can assist with all aspects of getting a divorce, including advising specifically on the best timing for the divorce based upon your circumstances, as well as assisting with the application and appearing at Court for the divorce hearing (where required).

Andrew Wheeler, the Principal of Wheeler Family Law, is a solicitor-advocate and will do the appearance work at Court on your behalf, saving you the added expense of engaging a barrister.

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